Why we started Chicago Shirts

"Maybe you have vivid dreams of riding a bike down Lake Shore Drive. When you're at work, perhaps you imagine yourself chugging a Chicago craft beer or chomping a Comiskey Dog. Even as you're reading these words right now, you might be wishing you were on a boat on Lake Michigan, soaking in that one-of-a-kind skyline."

Chicago love is deep and true. And the city's residents are diverse, strong-willed, and warm — even when we’re complaining about our beloved Chicago winter.

Whether you're traveling abroad or jogging around local neighborhoods, how can you tell people that this city has captured your heart? With proudly worn Chicago apparel.

We're Second City's No. one Fans 

How do we make it a true Chicago pride experience? First, we only sell Chicago-themed products. That's it. We're one of the very few companies that can honestly make this statement. 

Second, we care greatly about Chicagoans, and we especially care about our customers. For that reason, we only stock apparel of high quality, and we keep our prices competitive. What's more, we always want to know what our shoppers think and what sorts of Chicago clothing they'd like us to sell in the future. 

Starting a new business is a challenge but being embraced by the community has touched us and made us so happy we launched this company. Every day, we feel Chicago's friendly, down-to-earth vibe. We also see that famous tenacity that Chicagoans use to battle the winters and lift each other up in times of need. 

The Joy of Chicago Apparel 

Our T-shirts and other clothes reflect our Chiberia love. And we want them to reflect yours as well. Fortunately, here at Chicago Shirts, you can always pick up — you guessed it — a Chicago shirt. 

With their bold, colorful lettering and images, these fine pieces will show others that you're from one of the Windy City's illustrious neighborhoods. Our apparel is also perfect if you are a Chicago transplant - or you just wish you lived in this city. 

We're not simply the ideal place for a Chicago shirt or hoodie. You could shop here for a baseball cap, beanie, coffee mug, or phone case. We have a variety of other Chicago clothing and merchandise in store as well. 

Each of our shirts and other items will let you bask in the city's glories wherever you are. Plus, we have T-shirts and other Chicago apparel for children as well as irresistible bodysuits for babies. You're never too young to dig Vienna bratwurst. 

The next time you hit a street fair, visit a food festival, stop by your favorite dive bar or speakeasy, or build up those muscles at a gym, you might do one of our Chicago T-shirts or a new hoodie from our shop. Your civic pride will swell, and it'll shine through your apparel. Someone might even buy you a beer!

In the end, no matter where you were born or what brought you here, Chicago pride is forever, and our shirts are for those people who wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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